Fully-Managed Network Edge and Enterprise IT Services

for a more secure, scalable and cost-effective hybrid-cloud environment
Simplify Network Requirements

OnePort takes the complexity out of networking by providing a fully managed Network Edge that securely connects your corporate network to your data center and to any hyperscale cloud provider.

Enhance Network Performance

OnePort’s managed private connectivity provides improved network performance, ensuring low latency connectivity and efficient access to your applications in the hybrid cloud.

Lower Data Egress Fees

By plugging into the OnePort network infrastructure, you leverage the performance and flexibility of cloud and hybrid-cloud implementations while saving on associated data egress fees.

Leverage our Networking Expertise

Modernize your network without the need for additional upfront capital expenditures. Leverage the OnePort Team’s experience in BGP configuration, multi-cloud implementations and Edge to Core Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Access Advanced IT Managed Services

Access our suite of fully-managed enterprise-class IT services through a single pane of glass, including managed Internet or Private Line Connectivity, data backup and application disaster recovery and 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring, alerting and response.

IoT Enablement & Sensor Management

Realize the benefits of intelligent workspaces with our state-of-the-art Managed IoT Network Enablement and Sensor Management Services.

Single pane of glass access to Enterprise IT Managed Services


OnePort helps you move your office infrastructure to the cloud while offering secure, fast connectivity to all your staff, whether they are in your office or working remotely.

OnePort Digital Services Infrastructure Platform

At the core of our service offering is the OnePort Digital Services Infrastructure Platform. Our next-generation cloud on-ramp data centre infrastructure provides a private and secure connection from your office to the cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure of your choice. By plugging in to this pre-built cloud onramp platform, you have on-demand access to a massive scale of computing and storage resources at a latency of less than 10ms.

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