Connected Creativity

Secure networked collaboration throughout the GTA for the Media & Entertainment industry with scalable storage, flexible term render and industry-enhanced cloud services.

SirtNet for Media and Entertainment Companies

SirtNet enables Greater Toronto Area companies within the screen industries to collaborate workflows seamlessly across a carrier-grade, secure private fibre connection with access to on-demand scaleable storage and render infrastructure that can handle projects of any size.  Through our private broadband fibre-based network, we enable content production companies and studios at all stages of a production cycle to collaborate remotely from the start to finish of a film or television series.

Real-time Workflow Collaboration

Scaleable On-Demand Storage

Flexible-Term Render Farms

World-Class Connectivity

How SirtNet Works

With SirtNet, production companies can upload their raw video via secure, private, high-speed fibre network that spans the Greater Toronto Area and allow post production companies such as sound or special effects studios to remotely access these files and collaborate with each other on the project.

By leveraging SirtNet’s platform, screen industry companies have access to real-time workflows backed by a scalable infrastructure that can handle rendering projects of any size, including burstable short-term render resources and virtually unlimited storage requirements.

Connecting companies at all stages of production on scaleable cloud infrastructure over a private and secure network for real-time collaboration

Service Features

Workflow Collaboration Software

SirtNet’s Workflow Portal enables various companies including animation, visual effects, content production, software companies and sound stages to seamlessly work on the same production/files.

Scaleable On-Demand Storage

On-demand storage that scales to meet your production and postproduction needs plus archive storage to complement your burgeoning storage footprint.

High-Performance Scaleable Render Farms

On-demand access to high-speed render infrastructure with burstable compute requirements to meet tight project timelines.

High Speed Connectivity

Connectivity options of 1, 10 and up to 100Gbps for organizations currently in the GTA and South Western Ontario.

Flexible Term Render Services

Access to hundreds of powerful rendering resources at utility pricing models with no long term commitments. Month-to-month rental plans also available.

Direct Access To Hyperscale Cloud

Secure dedicated fibre network directly connects to public cloud networks like AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure.

Sirtnet Clients and Partners